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Neturen is a pioneer in the development of ITW ™ – “Induction heated, quenched and Tempered Wire”. This technology was founded in 1977 by Neturen Japan and we use it in our manufacturing process.
Our automatic induction heating system is advanced and unique production system, which uses electric power instead of gas as heating energy source, and water instead of oil hardening (Non-Pollution System). Induction heating is the technology which is quite environmental-friendly, non-polluting (Ecological), and resource-saving (Economical). During processing the quality of steel wire is ideally controlled from start to finish using state-of-the-art equipment.
By using a precise control system for heating and cooling the wire, it gains high strength and toughness at the same time. Through our drawing and heating processes, distinguished value is added on steel wire rod, to serve our customers.
Details about steel processing you can find on this link.