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Our product is the “ITW ™” high-strength steel spring wire, which is widely used for the production of conventional industrial springs, including car suspension springs. Our product meets the European standard EN 10270-2 as well as the demanding Japanese standards JIS G 3560, JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) C605-96 and ASTM standards. The product is available with a diameter of 7 to 17 mm.
High frequency quick quenching and tempering offer the advantages on IT Wire listed below.
– Creates evenly an even fine texture and mechanical properties along the length of the wire
There is no decarburization during the process
Provides high strength and toughness
Prepare the wire for further cold forming
Possibility to produce springs that have a long service life, fatigue resistant material and that do not lose stability and properties.

More details you can find in our ITW Catalog.


Grade symbol Tensile strength  Reduction of area Out of roundness Tolerance
SWI-180 1750 ~1850 MPa Min. 35% 0.05mm or less ± 0.05mm
SWI-190 1850 ~1950 MPa Min. 35% 0.05mm or less ± 0.05mm
SWI-200 1950 ~2050 MPa Min. 35% 0.05mm or less ± 0.05mm